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Auto insurance can be complicated. Although you're required to have an auto insurance policy, many people with car insurance don't fully understand their coverage or what to do when it comes time to utilize their insurance. 

At Pinnacle Peak Insurance, we strive to help you find the best rates on your auto insurance and ensure you understand what you're paying for. Read more to learn some facts about auto insurance, or contact us today to know more about our services! You can also receive INSTANT online quote on auto insurance here. Ask us about Mexico insurance!

Learn About the Basic Types of Car Insurance

  • Collision coverage - Collision coverage is the basic insurance that covers your vehicle if you're involved in an accident that causes you to collide into something such as another vehicle, a wall, a barrier, or bridge.
  • Comprehensive coverage - This type of insurance covers anything that happens to your vehicle that's not related to a collision, including theft, fire, vandalism, or hitting a deer.
  • Liability coverage - Often required by law, this insurance covers damages when you are at fault in an accident that causes damage to another person's vehicle or property. 
  • Medical payments - Also known as PIP in some states, medical payment insurance pays for injuries to you (the driver) or your passengers for accidents that occur while you are driving. This type of insurance varies from state to state.

We Insure All Types of Vehicles, Including:

  • Classics
  • Antiques
  • Hot rods
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"I bought a new car recently from a reputable car dealer and was referred to Mike at Pinnacle Peak Insurance Group. I had never heard of Pinnacle Peak before and was really less inclined to find out anything about them. Because I finalized the sale of my new car in the late hours on a Sunday evening, I reached Mike's voicemail. I didn't bother leaving a message, I just simply put the effort in companies I was most familiar with, i.e. State Farm, Geico, Farmer's, Nationwide, and whatever other jingles came to my mind while searching. At any rate, I had gotten plenty of quotes via email, none of which I was impressed with. A few days later, I called this Pinnacle Peak Insurance Group and got the voicemail again. This time I left a message and Mike returned my call expeditiously (now I was impressed)! He was most pleasant and professional and knowledgeable about the product and services I inquired about. It was really nice to talk to a human being rather than waiting for an emailed response from a robot online! Mike was genuinely sincere (in my opinion) in his assessing my situation, thus being able to get me a SLAM DUNK OF A DEAL. I love the fact that every time I spoke to him he addressed me by name; I instantly felt like I was talking to a friend! After a few conversations with him and reviewing the policy he drew up for me, I was anxious to call him back with my payment! I am really excited to help grow his business by referring friends and family in the Phoenix area to Pinnacle Peak Insurance Group!"

- Erika LaRae, Facebook review
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