Commercial Insurance

Safeguard Your Business With Commercial Insurance

If you’re a business owner, there is a range of protection options for your commercial insurance needs. From your business property and vehicles to your employees, it’s important to protect your investment and minimize any risk that might affect your business’s growth.

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Primary Commercial Insurance Coverage Options

  • Commercial auto insurance – Whether it performs routine or occasional tasks, any vehicle that is used within the context of business must have its own policy,
  • Commercial general liability insurance (CGL) – A CGL policy covers bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury. Many businesses use this type of policy as a starting point for their insurance needs since it is a catch-all type of policy.
  • Commercial property insurance – This type of insurance is similar to a homeowners policy for businesses. If your business has some type of physical location, you’ll need commercial property insurance to protect against theft, fire, and natural disasters.
  • Workers compensation – This type of insurance is commonly required by employers and often extends to temporary employees. If one of your employees is hurt on the job, they rely on workers compensation for lost income and medical expenses.
  • Business owner package (BOP) – This type of policy takes care of many needs for small business owners, including vehicle, property damage, business income, property, bodily injury, and other types of basic insurance needs