Life Insurance Coverage

Get the Protection You Deserve

Whether you need term life or permanent insurance, put your trust in the knowledgeable staff at Pinnacle Peak Insurance. We can help with getting you the perfect policy in the case of a disability claim or travel accident.

Your family and loved ones don’t have to worry anymore once you find the perfect life and health insurance coverage. Pinnacle Peak will always ensure you are covered in an event of an accident whether at work or in the home.

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Learn More about Additional Policy Coverage

Final Expense Coverage – Adding a final expense policy to your existing coverage is a perfect way to assure that your burial and outstanding medical fees are handled. Our team of experts are now ready to find you the right policy that’ll fit your budget.

Covering Your Life and Loved Ones in Every Scenario

  • Health Coverage
  • Permanent and Term Life
  • Disability Insurance
  • Travel Accident
  • Long-Term Care Coverage
  • Supplemental and Annuities
  • Medicare and Medicaid